Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My state of mind.

I need some sunshine! For goodness sake. It's so dreary it's making me crazy. Which leads me to my next point. I'm extremely unfocused today, a little jittery, and ready fo some excitement, it might have something to do with how much coffee I've had. But who's counting? It's strange that I'm feeling both perky and glum from the weather. So please, can I have some sunshine?? 

This morning I got up at my usual time and did some stretching yoga, I'm a little stiff today from the vinyasa. Which is a good sign I guess. My abs and legs are a bit sore.  I've been thinking of doing some wii fit in the mornings too for toning sessions. They have some cool strength training exercises. I haven't been on the wii fit in months! Hopefully it doesn't make me feel guilty. When you get on the wii after it's been a while it kind of gives you a guilt trip. It asks you how you've been eating and exercising... 

My cats are really very good at yoga. They show me up every time. The only thing I'm better at is holding my pose. They only hold their poses for 3 seconds at best! Silly kitties. When my treadmill was working they would try to run with me, although, that's really not their forte. So I think they'll stick with yoga. I think Mr. Grey needs to go on a diet... But I'll leave that up to him.

I have tomorrow off for a funeral, so I'll be at home while blogging, and I'm thinking I'll do a healthy food blog with recipes so you (and me) can get some meal inspirations.  If I can figure out how to post pictures on here I'll even include those!  I might even have time to run, since I'll have some free time during daylight. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow. 

My meals for today
Bfast: kashi golean! crunch with non-fat milk & coffee
Lunch: left over chicken and brown rice
Snacks: hard boiled egg, banana, orange, trailmix chewey granola bar
Dinner: spagetti with quinoa spagetti noodles, steamed veggies. 

I need to find some new recipes! I'm getting tired of the same ol' foods! Maybe you can hit a food plateau.  

Okay, time to work. Thinking of you all!

<3 HB   

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