Monday, January 25, 2010


Week four

Treadmill still broken, I haven't worked out in four days, but I'm finally feeling better. So maybe this evening I'll do some lifting.  It's hard for me to do cardio with out my treadmill because it's dark and freezing when I wake up and dark and slightly less cold when I get home. I don't like running in the dark by myself. And Jared doesn't want to run after work and you know he's not getting up at 4:00! 

So this week, since my cardio will be limited, I'm going to really focus on my eating habits. Jared and I came up with meal plans for this week so we weren't scrambling to get dinner together. We made a list of dinners for this week and and for lunch (individually) and then based our shopping list off that. Today I'm eating:
Breakfast: oatmeal with cinnamon and truvia and coffee. 
Lunch: tuna with chopped up onion, celery, and red-yellow-green bell peppers. Salt and pepper to taste. The tuna will go on Kavli crisp bread (50 calories for 3 crackers). I used and individual packet of albacore tuna and 2 tsp of mayo made with olive oil. 
Snacks: apple sauce, blood orange, and banana. 
Dinner: our own healthy version of hamburger helper. With whole wheat pasta and lots of veggies. 

So, I'm thinking for cardio, I can do jumping jacks, burpees, and jumping over a line, back and forth. I know that those exercises really get my heart pumping and leave me out of breath! 

On a different note, I am very ready for spring. Winter here is dreary, wet, and cold. With no snow. The dreariness makes it hard to stay motivated! 

This week is crunch time. I've got to buy 300 stamps so I can send out save the dates, print off my address labels, and mail 250 save the dates! Yikes! Jared needs to design the invites and program and the center piece! I did a cupcake tasting with my sister this weekend, she's making them, and they were soooo tasty. She's a very talented baker! 

Stay tuned for more healthy and delicous meals and updates on week four!


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  1. You can come to volleyball practice tomorrow, you will surely get a cardio workout! :)