Monday, February 8, 2010

Weddings, weddings, weddings!

I thought I would blog about my wedding details today since that's what's been on my mind! 117 days to go! Yikes.

I'm getting married at a yacht club, so we decided to go with a nautical wedding, which is actually very dear to our hearts. My dad loves to spend time with his yacht club buddies and on his boat, and some of the best times I've had have been with him and our family out on the boat. The Clover Island Yacht Club was just rebuilt in 2009. There's been a light house added to the island, along with a brewery and restaurant.

My wedding colors are navy, white, and coral, with some yellow accents. The navy and yellow look so beautiful together. The bridesmaid dresses are coral and the groomsmen are wearing navy blue sport coats and khakis (with boat shoes!).

We're going to decorate the ceiling with paper lanterns and draping sheer cloth. Beautiful and romantic feel!

Wedding colors and inspirations boards!

And instead of cake, we're going to be having cupcakes. But those I'm keeping a secret until the wedding ;)

Hope you enjoyed your sneak preview!

I'll post pictures from the wedding when they're available.



  1. Love your nautical theme! Looks like you are going to have an awesome time! I'm curious, in your location, did you get a break on price for cupcakes rather than cake? I typically do a nautical cake, like with coral, shells etc. but I don't give a break on cupcakes as they are just as much "last minute" work. I'm just curious about different areas and pricing. I LOVE your colors!